REBUNESE Co.,Ltd. are going to improve Hokkaido delicious taste.

Hokkaido seafood, agricultural products, livestock products are the most delicious taste in Japan.

REBUNESE Co.,Ltd. supply the fresh food like sea urchin, crab and etc. which bring out the original taste of the ingredients.

REBUNESE Co.,Ltd. supply the processed food bringing out the true flavor from the fresh ingredients.

REBUNESE Co.,Ltd. deliver the tasty food as it is to many customers from Hokkaido.

REBUNESE Co.,Ltd. support all Hokkaido delicious taste and intend to be “a company of producing Hokkaido”.

REBUNESE Co.,Ltd. are committed to Hokkaido products and the delicious food as “Shima No Hito” brand.

“We’ll deliver the Hokkaido delicious food to the whole country.”
REBUNESE Co.,Ltd. have been handling Hokkaido food consistently from the beginning of the company foundation.


REBUNESE Co.,Ltd. developed two unique brands.

Both brands are established for the attractive Hokkaido food.

REBUNESE Co.,Ltd. deliver the best product from every corner of Hokkaido with our own eyes and tongue.

SHIMA NO HITO: To discover the attractive food and select special product with a good judgement.

WHITEFOOD: To achieve a radioactive inspection and deliver the safe and secure foods without additives.

REBUNESE Co.,Ltd. aim to be “A company of producing Hokkaido”

REBUNESE Co.,Ltd. have worked with the internet sales from the beginning of E-Commerce and developed the next generation markets.
Now we have various kinds of EC malls,
our own EC site and manage the actual stores. We have multilateral sales channels to meet the customer needs from all over the country.

Rebun is the northernmost island in Japan

REBUNESE Co.,Ltd. started the business in the northernmost island “Rebun Island” in Japan.
In Rebun island unique ecosystem is continued to be protected by the blessings of nature such as marine life including sea urchin and alpine plant which you could not see in other region.
We intend to continue expanding our business with protecting the rich nature in the Rebun Island Est.



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